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How to Become a Driver

Why drive for us? National Local Driver Network/Dispatch 

   Driving for us you earn more per trip/ride. KISRIDE charges 10% of your fares up to a minimum of $300 per month.

  This means you keep 90% of the money you earn for yourself (oh and at a high competitive per mile rate). 


Drivers will be able to use the take my trip program where you can have a driver take rides for you in your county or state.  You can set aside a certain percentage in to the rainy day fund. And use those proceeds every 90 days, for vacations, trips, vehicle repair, (Taxes) etc. 

 As a driver using our nation-wide dispatch you get live, real person customer service and dispatch for your customers. 

  Safety of vehicle tracking and two way camera services.  

 What that means is you have your own company name and web page, which will work to set up, with options to have an eCommerce site.

  You can also qualify for Legal Services for drivers, rideshare and small business. 

 (oh and don't forget to ask about the driver referral program)

Young Driver

To become a driver with Keep It Simple Ride there are a few steps that you have to follow:
Apply for a member account on this website. Member accounts are only for drivers.

Questions on why you want to start your company.

The Background check with Checkr.

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