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Identify Risk

We utilize cameras monitoring both inside the vehicle and out to monitor how you drive, road conditions, potential hazards, and most importantly, protecting the driver against false accusations.

Driver Coaching

Using data we get through our monitoring system, we make a driver score system which consists of: Hard braking, hard acceleration, sharp corner turns, tailgating, cut offs, distractions (phone and etc.), lane changing, drowsiness, and near collisions.

By using this we can identify what each driver struggles with and help them to improve for an overall smooth experience. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience to both drivers and customers.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections are mandatory if you are driving for us. This helps us ensure that every vehicle our passengers get into is safe. This also helps you know everything about your vehicle including code reading from our ELDs that you can learn more about in the ELD Compliance section.

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